Wes loves real estate!
The Chicago real estate market is one of the most competitive real estate markets in the United States. Chicago has a rich and diverse architectural history. There are all types of buildings and building materials that have been used throughout Chicago’s history. Some homes are built better than others. If you have not hired an expert in both construction AND the Chicago Real Estate Market to guide you on your journey to find YOUR perfect dream home you can easily end up with the “wrong” home or pay too much for an inferior product with unknown issues. Wes wants to make sure that does not happen to you.

Wes has been living in Chicagoland for over 30 years including stops in Wicker Park early as a speculator, Ukrainian Village, Lincoln Park, Printer’s Row, Humboldt Park, and most recently Beverly Hills. He has bought and sold a lot of properties for significant profit sometimes with no improvements, others with simple cosmetic improvements, and others with full gut rehabs. He has made some mistakes through the years and learned from them the hard way so YOU won’t have to learn the hard way. When you buy a home, about 50-80% of what you pay for is, simply put, nothing more than a construction project. Sadly, many realtors know very little about construction, which seems odd to Wes.

This makes Wes an ideal consultant and REALTOR for both investors/developers looking for their next project as well as future home owners who simply want to make money off of the home they buy to live in. Wes knows how to “win” the “right” deals especially in “hot” areas. He will happily guide you through the improvement process if you would like to enlist his help. With Chicago’s market being so competitive and housing inventory so low, buyers need a realtor that can be creative and that can anticipate deals with multiple bids. Wes is a realtor that can also think outside of the box and find that diamond in the rough. A home that might need some improvements to make it your dream home is often the “best value.” Wes is the guy to guide you through both of those scenarios.

If…you are looking to buy a perfectly finished sparkling brand new dream home and want an expert to verify the quality of construction and knows how to negotiate with developers to squeeze the most out of them, then call Wes. He would love to work for you and will find you your dream home.

If…you are considering selling an older home, Wes has sold a lot of older homes and knows how to navigate the waters of selling older homes which can be very tricky. Wes takes pride in “setting the market” which he has accomplished on nearly every single one of his developments. He knows how to both mechanically and cosmetically improve and stage on a budget, and then market and sell older homes for the highest price which can be VERY difficult without an expert leading the way.

Likewise if…you are a developer or a home owner that has a perfect dream home in pristine condition that is already perfectly staged or need help staging and you simply need an expert negotiator to ensure you sell that home for the highest price, Wes will get you the highest price. He would love to work for you!

Wes very much enjoys doing charitable work and putting beautiful smiles on people’s faces through his “other” career as a practicing dentist. For fun he enjoys playing basketball, dancing, dining, attending concerts, working out and walking his dog. Wes is a strong advocate for healthy eating, healthy living, helping those less fortunate and paying good deeds forward.